dimanche 16 janvier 2011

Xiong Wenyun

From Moving Rainbow to KongKong

Among Chinese female artists involved in contemporary art, Xiong Wenyun is unique; she has a talent for combining the externalization of personal emotions with certain aspects of the social environment. Her works all originate from the most basic personal emotions, and in combination with the outside world form an intricate form and unique language. These works are not only limited to exhibition halls, rather they are located in a much more expansive space where they attract a much broader audience. At the same time, the works maintain a very simple and direct power. 

 Xiong Wenyun’s early years were spent as a young intellectual in a production brigade in the Tibetan region to the west of Sichuan. Young intellectuals’ lives of exile in the countryside and their later return to the city was a prominent theme of Chinese social life in the Cultural Revolution and the early Reform era. Apart from all the struggles of life, Xiong Wenyun was directly influenced by the natural and spiritual aesthetics and human qualities of the Tibetan region. After being accepted by the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, she began an extended process of studies. In 1998, after traveling and living in Japan for more than ten years, she returned to Beijing to hold a solo exhibition. Works shown on this exhibition demonstrated what she had learned about the use of arrays of color in Japan. The regularity of color embodies a natural order and spirit; she began with a choice of colors influenced by Tibet and arranged them according to the color spectrum; she combined these colors with elements of abstract art while also borrowing the form of traditional Tibetan textiles. She used a simple and primitive state and order to produce a correspondence with people’s thoughts and emotions; completing a visual and psychological correspondence experiment. 
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