dimanche 2 janvier 2011

My work demonstrates a long running interest in animal imagery. This most recent series focuses on animals that are traditionally hunted, for example bears, deer and game birds. With this subject I hope to achieve a sense of vulnerability. I am interested in the contradictory romance and status involved with the hunt. Of recent inspiration have been medieval tapestries and also the forest scenes of traditional Middle Eastern imagery. 
I am interested in devices used to signify sacredness or encourage awe of a subject, particularly in religious and folk imagery. Dominant central figures, repetitive motifs and circular halo effects are used in my compositions. I consider the circular repeated motif in my latest series as part arrow and part tree, sprouting like foliage from the figure. My compositions are intentionally ambiguous, suggesting a landscape or symbol as much as the animal figure. Through this imagery I hope to express a sense of ritual and the broader themes of death, mortality and even extinction.

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