mardi 10 août 2010

le moutonnement des haies
c'est en moi que je l'ai
- Jean Wahl, poème, page 46
(the frothing of the hedges/I keep deep inside of me")

Euclidean paradise

familiar spirit

from the hill

the difference

 My artistic practice, rooted in the neo-romantic trajectory of drawing, is fundamentally escapist. As the descendent of several generations of atheistic Canadians, I did not grow up in a milieu of traditional culture but instead learnt an appreciation of literature and the natural environment.   As a result, I'm heavily inspired by the folklore of many other cultures, as well as literature, natural history, topography and the environment. In prints and drawings I portray dream-fueled absurdist situations, which often draw heavily on my cloudy recollection of the storybooks of my childhood, saturated as they were with strange creatures, impossible happenings and oneiric landscapes.  These stories created for me a very idiosyncratic conception of a past-that-never-was, and much of my work is directed toward bringing this past into being. In addition, my use of female iconography and of female-associated source material such as lace, ornamentation, and organic material, is a means to investigate themes of passivity and femininity, loss and loneliness, and being at odds with the world. 

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