mercredi 17 mars 2010

Shane Waltener

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  1. quite beautiful! it would be fabulous to see this in scale - that's not Gallery La Fayette is it|? great blog - what a happy find!

  2. Hello, j'ai mis un certain temps pour répondre mais ça y est ! Je suis revenue sur le site et juste après... ce que j'ai trouvé concernant cette expérience !
    Chihuly Doily 1&2 2004, knicker elastic, each 270 x 350cm. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

    Two large webs, knitted in elastic thread, were installed in front of the Dale Chihuly chandelier in the grand dome of the museum, for the late night event ‘Craft Rocks’, held at the museum on March 26th. 4000 visitors thus came across the glass structure through this added layer of ‘baroque fanciness’, prompting them to rethink the old minimalist dictum ‘less is more’, while hopefully also appreciating the irony of seeing giant cobwebs installed amongst antique displays at the museum.